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 The purpose of the Lolo Community Council is to be a liaison between the Missoula County and the citizens of Lolo.  The council meets the second Tuesday of each month.  Special meeting may be called and will be advertised for their time and date

     The Lolo Community Council represents Lolo and the surrounding areas with the Missoula County government.  The council hears issues ranging from new housing development proposals, park and road maintenance, traffic related concerns and questions about the services provided by the county and any other subjects affecting the community.  The Community Council provides leadership and support to ensure orderly growth and development, and services as a channel of communications with the local, State, and Federal government officials and agencies regarding matters of concern to the future of Lolo 



Meetings are usually every Second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 p.m. in the Lolo Community Center. All Lolo/ Woodman residents are welcome to participate and to be heard.


Lolo Community Council
P.O. Box 1633
Lolo, MT  59847